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Meilech Kohn #Meilech Tantz (DJ)

Here comes the next wave of #MeilechMania A 21 minutes “Meilech Tantz” that includes his hits like Veohavto, Yomom, Trop Vaser, Shabbos, Venahapoch… A dance track with energy unlike anything you have heard (or danced to) before!! #MazalTov Book your “Meilech Tantz” for your simcha today: 347-201-2120 Produced by: Zevi[…]

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Article By: Yossi Zweig Photos by: Chaim Tuito   This past Sunday night, Camp HASC put on their 31st annual benefit concert in Lincoln Center. Believe it or not, for the second year in a row, concert producer Eli Gerstner did not release ANY of the performer names prior to[…]

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Shabbos Nusach Green Is Almost Here!

WHERE DID THE INITIAL IDEA TAKE ROOT? Yossi Green, whose songs are the subject of this project, explains that it all began as a whim when producer Aron Zisser decided to arrange a Shabbos getaway at the Leonardo Hotel in Be’er Sheva a few years ago.  “But this time,” as[…]

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Fried, MBD, Itzik Dadya, Amir Hadad, Ben Snuf, Cantor Dov Heller & The F.D.D. “Vocal’s” All Participated In A Historic Wedding

At the Davidson Center at the foot of the Western Wall, the world’s largest Jewish wedding ceremony took place this past weekend. A huge “My Tours” production under the direction of producer Jeff Busidan who turned the area of ancient stones into a prestigious and glamorous compound, costing hundreds of[…]

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The Shpy Part 3

Part 3 of “The adventures of the Shpy” is now streaming online exclusively at The fun and excitement continues with “part 3”. There’s trouble in the air. Agent 18 spotted a delivery man carrying boxes of “moldstein chocolate” into a grocery store that sells “Goldsteins chocolate!” He immediately gets a[…]

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