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Torah Treasure Presents PARSHA TIME!

A fun sing along DVD that makes learning the Parsha a joy for kids and parents alike! When deciding what content to create next, Producer Chaim Hershkowitz knew that it would have to be about the Parshios. “I knew it was time to create something that was new, fresh and[…]

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OHAD & Itzik Dadya Capture New York!

Ohad Moskowitz and Itzik Dadya appeared in front of a crowd of thousands in New York last night at the annual Sukkot concert. Accompanied by Gershon Freishtat, the two performed the best classics of all time, alongside new material. Last night, in a festive performance that became almost a tradition[…]

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Now Available: JM365 – 5th Edition

Dear Jewish Music Fan When we released the first ever JM365 calendar seven years ago, we never imagined that it would grow have the popularity and longevity that it does today. That is mostly in part of YOU, the music fans that pick up the calendars, that save them from[…]

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