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Meilech Kohn #Meilech Tantz (DJ)

Here comes the next wave of #MeilechMania A 21 minutes “Meilech Tantz” that includes his hits like Veohavto, Yomom, Trop Vaser, Shabbos, Venahapoch… A dance track with energy unlike anything you have heard (or danced to) before!! #MazalTov

Book your “Meilech Tantz” for your simcha today: 347-201-2120

Produced by: Zevi Fried

Music by: Shmulik Berger

Backup Vocals by: Zevi Fried

Mix: Ian Freitor

Video Editing by: SD Media

PR & Management: Sonic Duo – Mendy Hershkowitz & Chesky Breuer