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Moshe Avigdor Presents His Debut Album: A’ira Shachar

American singer and songwriter, Moshe Avigdor, is proud to present his debut album “A’ira Shachar”. He has been working towards this milestone with acclaimed producers such as Aryeh Kunstler of Roar Recording, Doni Gross, and Tzvi Blumenfeld. Growing up outside of the big city areas has enabled Moshe to think[…]

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TYH Nation Presents: RISE UP / NEW ALBUM

TYH Nation Presents RISE UP / NEW ALBUM Available on all streaming platforms Afikoman is back with the best present ever – ‘Rise Up‘. This isn’t just an album, it’s a call to arms.  We must rise up as a people and defend ourselves. ‘Rise Up‘ holds a[…]

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Shalsheles Junior – Ivdu | שלשלת ג’וניור – עבדו [Official Music Video]

Composed by: Yitzchok Rosenthal Directed by: Reuven Brecher Music Produced by: Rafi Barides Video by: Gavi Starke Productions Marketing: I & Me Media Shalsheles Jr. Members: Moshe Rosenthal Isaac Schwartz Shmuel Rosenberg Izzy Gibber Thank You to Yeshivas Toras Emes Kaminetz Brand New EP Streaming Everywhere: Special Thanks to[…]

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The Ayeka Project Releases “Gimel Tammuz EP”

The Ayeka Project is a musical group based in Brooklyn, New York, that aims to blend Jewish spirituality and music. The name, Ayeka, is derived from the Hebrew word for “where are you,” and it reflects the group’s mission of helping people connect with their inner selves and with a[…]

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Modim Lach Square Cover

Modim Lach – Yechiel Schron

Yechiel Schron‘s latest musical release comes in the form of his much- anticipated album, “Modim Lach,” which features a collection of nine stunning songs, each carefully crafted to resonate with listeners. Collaborating closely with renowned producer Yitzy Waldner, Yechiel poured his heart and soul into the creation of this album.[…]

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