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Olturix In The Mix – Hosted by DJ Olturix


Born into a musical family, Moshe Baruch Ackerman took an interest early in life to classical music and early rock. At the age of twelve he began working with audio editors, compiling mixes and editing recordings. Soon afterward he taught himself piano. He then began writing his own compositions, and arranging them himself. By 17, he began releasing music under the pseudonym “Olturix”.

In 2014 he released an official remix of Eli Schwebel’s “Like the Sea.” This remix was well received and became the foot in the door for Moshe Baruch’s entry into the Jewish music scene. He then took a step back to dive into studying music theory, sound design, and engineering. Since then Moshe Baruch has seen his remixes and mashups become staples at Yeshivas, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Weddings, and anywhere there’s a party. He now has garnered acclaim from radio stations internationally, and has had his music streamed more than 140,000 times. He currently lives in Miami where he continues to work on producing high-quality music catering to the Jewish music world.

Moshe Baruch has now teamed up with the JE Network to provide mixes curated from the best of Jewish EDM. Get ready every Motzei Shabbos to get your dancing shoes on and rock out to the beat of Olturix in the Mix!

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