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Top [email protected] – Hosted by Yossi Zweig

Presenting the JE Network Top [email protected] With so many albums/singles being released, how does one know what the hottest song is? That’s why the JE Network has launched a brand new show airing on Tuesday evening titled the TOP [email protected] hosted by the Z report’s Yossi Zweig. Each week on Tuesday night @9 EST, the show will count down the 9 hottest songs as voted by YOU the listeners. How do you vote, one might ask? Simple, just visit and vote of the [email protected] poll. The poll has been loaded with a slew of the hottest songs right now as sent in by our listeners. The poll allows voting from each ip address (computer) only ONCE to ensure that there that all voting is legit. You can also like/comment on our FB page Top [email protected] Facebook page and let us know what you think of the show and which songs you might want to see featured. The poll will close Tuesdays 7pm and re-open Wednesday mornings for the following week.

You can listen LIVE to the JE Network’s Top [email protected] Tuesdays 9pm EST on