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Mordechai Salzer ft. Yossi Goldstein - Kad Yasvun

Kad Yasvun – Mordechai Salzer ft. Yossi Goldstein

“Kad Yasvun” – Enjoy a sneak preview from the upcoming “בשמחת התורה” Album – being released for the upcoming Siyum Hashas. Composed & Performed By: Mordechai Salzer Featuring Vocals By: Yossi Goldstein Produced By: Hillel Kapnick Recorded @ Uptop Studios (Monsey, NY)  Special Thanks to Moshe Masri (MRM Music) &[…]

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Nerya Angel - Ha'tov Ha'Tov

Nerya Angel – Ha’tov Ha’Tov

Nerya Angel is releasing a new single with a re-arrangement of the song Ha’tov Ha’Tov by Reb Benzion Shenker mashed up with the classic song Lev Tahor. Musical Production: Moshe Buskila Recording vocals: Amos Cohen Mixing & Mastering: Amos Cohen Photo taken by Haim Atton Graphic Design and Animation: Assaf[…]

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Chaim Israel - Psiotai

Chaim Israel – Psiotai

Singer Chaim Israel continues to surprise us, this time with a single called Psiotai, with lyrics by Katrin Bracha, together with a melody composed and arranged by Amos Cohen. Chaim‘s songs tend to be about uniting the different factions of Jews throughout the world and in Israel. Chaim performs on[…]

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Yaakov Wasilewicz - Akeida

New Song – Akeida by Yaakov Wasilewicz

It is with tremendous gratitude to Hashem that I present to you my first single titled “Akeida“. It was arranged and produced by my dear friend, world renowned singer and performer Eitan Katz. I wrote this in dedication of my Mother a’h, who represented so much of what the Akeida[…]

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Ari Goldwag - For The Light

Ari Goldwag Releases Brand New Chanukah Song!

The Menorah in the Beis Hamikdash represented the light of the Torah, and Chanukah is – at its core – a celebration of the rekindling of that everlasting light. In celebration of that theme, I’m proud to present a brand new song which I produced for this Chanukah season, 5780.[…]

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Shloime Cohen & Moshe Weintraub - Di Geula Tantz

Shloime Cohen & Moshe Weintraub – Di Geula Tantz

After years of Shloime Cohen performing this Chabad melody at the events, he joins the well-known gramer R. Moshe Weintraub and in a wonderful duet with Eli Klein‘s & Yitzy Berry‘s pumping arrangement, they invite you to dance with “Di Geula Tantz“! For Chabad chassidim, the song is known as[…]

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