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Zusha - The Seder Song

Zusha – The Seder Song

A rendition of the Seder song, which goes through all the steps for the holiday of Passover. May we be blessed to taste the light of redemption, and true freedom. Produced by Andrew Freedman, Zechariah Goldschmiedt and Shlomo Gaisin Mixed by: Andrew Freedman Mastered by: Jacob Blumberg Artwork: Annita Soble[…]

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Temple Shira

Duvid Pinches Roth – Temple Shira

Many years ago the beautiful poem we all recognize from the Hagaddah Shel Pesach “Adir Hu” was translated to Yiddish, although not many people know about this but The Nitra Rebbe HY”D wrote in his Hagaddah “Na’os Desheh” that the song was translated by R’ Zalman Lundrish. Over the years[…]

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Meir Ben Dror - Vehi Sheamda

Meir Ben Dror – Vehi Sheomda

Singer and composer Meir Ben Dror (34) has been living and breathing the music world since he was young. That’s how it is, when a hobby becomes the reality of life. In fact, there is no song or album that he has not known in the past 30 years and[…]

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Nationwide Sleeve Art-Rafi Wax

Rafi Wax – Shomo VaTismach

Lakewood musician and composer Eli Wax composed a special song for his son’s Bar Mitzvah. Eli‘s son Rafi, performed the song as a surprise for his mother and gave out copies at his Bar Mitzvah. Below is the song titled “Shomo VaTismach” enjoy.        

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Aaron Tessler - In Vildn Vald Single Cover Final Family

In Vilden Vald – Aaron Tessler feat Zemiros Choir

The devastation of the Holocaust brought about not only the decimation of the Jewish people in body, but also immeasurable losses to Jewish culture. Countless and precious pieces of memory, history, and tradition disappeared with the people who guarded them. But one simple song from the alter heim (the “old[…]

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Noam Michael - Zman Techeilet

Noam Michael – Zman Techeilet

Noam Michael‘s debut album was released two years ago, and many wondered when he would release a new single off his upcoming second album. Now it’s happening with “Zman Techeilet“, produced by Guy Veahal. “There is something blue that can be deceiving: you can relax in it, lose it, become[…]

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