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צילום חיים טויטו

Yaakov Shwekey – Aish Remix DJ Niso Slob

Yaakov Shwekey heats up the winter for a upcoming show on Rosh Chodesh Adar at the Jerusalem Arena. Now, Yaakov is presenting the official remix for the hit song “Tadlik Et HaAish” off his album “Musica“, produced by Israeli DJ Niso Slob. The song was composed by hitmaker Yitzy Waldner[…]

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Yosef Daniel - Protexia

Yosef Daniel Releases New Single “Protexia”

Written at a moment in davening when his daughter was undergoing surgery Yosef Daniel expresses a tefila through this song. “Protexia” is a reminder that we, Am Yisroel have exactly that, protexia.  David HaMelech always looked towards HaShem at every moment regardless if it was a very difficult time or[…]

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Avi Hass & Aaron Razel - Yonati

Avi Hass Hosts Aaron Razel: Yonati

In the past two years since releasing his first two singles, singer Avi Hass has performed at many events and kumzitzes, and has turned into one of the most requested singers amongst Yeshiva Bochurim. He is currently working on his debut album, called Laalot Bahar. The album will have 12[…]

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Tzemed Avi - Yesh Regaim

Tzemed Avi – Yesh Regaim

Aviel and Avishai, otherwise known as Tzemed Avi are releasing their first original single called Yesh Regaim. The song was written by a talented woman named Sarah Levi, and it was arranged by Srulik Mendelson.    

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YOUTUBE BANNER Hadran Aloch Talmud Bavli

Hadran Aloch Talmud Bavli: Yossi Green ft. Yiddish Nachas

The legendary chasidic composer, Yossi Green just released a NEW song specially recorded for the celebration of the 13th annual Siyum HaShas, accompanied by his children’s choir “Yiddish Nachas.” Performed by Yossi Green & Yiddish Nachas Produced by Moshe Kraus Arranged by Moshe Laufer Mixed & Mastered by Yaniv B[…]

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