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YT Thumbnail • Third Dance • Shmili Landau @MusicOnTime

Shmili Landau With A Live DJ: “Third Dance”

Introducing “Third Dance” – a special video featuring Shmili Landau‘s groundbreaking performance at a wedding. As Shmili introduces a fresh concept, bringing the energy of a DJ to the “Third Dance” Experience the joy and excitement radiating from the crowd as they embrace this unique blend of uplifting DJ &[…]

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I&R2023NIG-YT copy

Better With You: Isaac & Rubenstein

‘Better With You‘ by Isaac & Rubenstein is an upbeat acoustic guitar-based Niggun with rich harmonies and a catchy melody. Its underpinning lyrical hook, “Life’s so much better with You” is a testimony to Hashem, in as much that every aspect of our life is enriched, never lonely, and can[…]

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