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Mendy Jerufi - Tzama

Right Before Sefira & During The Coronavirus Pandemic: Mendy Jerufi Presents “Tzama” The Favorite Hit With A Refreshing New Rendition

“צמאה לך נפשי כמה לך בשרי בארץ ציה ועייף בלי מים” Rashi interprets the possuk by explaining “צמא ותאב אני לבוא אליך בבית תפילתך” Dovid HaMelech expresses the longing for all of us these days to visit family, friends, daven in shul, and other ordinary things which used to seem[…]

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Avi Zelinger - Shema

Avi Zelinger – Shema

“Shema” is a song that emphasizes the importance in recognizing Hashems oneness. Everyday we say the words of Shema but what do we think, how do we feel. The answers for these questions is what do we want to proclaim to Hashem. What do we want every other yid in[…]

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In Passover Atmosphere – International Paytan Avi Delevanti Featuring The Piyout “Bibhilu Yatzanu Mimitzrayim”

After conquering the world with a clip on peace that has crossed continents and sectors, international singer Avi Delevanti launches a special piyut in honor of Pesach in accordance with the tradition of Morocco. “Bibhilu Yatzanu Mimitzrayim” is identified as one of the Piyutim that characterizes Pesach, as it touches[…]

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