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An Exclusive Launch For The Musical “Shirim V’Niflaot B’Mamelechet Ha’Chalomot” [Gallery]

After many months of preparation, the new show Shirim V’Niflaot B’Mamelechet Ha’Chalomot finally went up on stage amidst a major production which has never really happened in the Chareidi sectors. Right next to the Ramat Gan stadium, a special stage was set up, with a major audiovisual array of lights and equipment.
Some of the biggest artists in Jewish music, such as Dudu Fisher, Itzik Dadya, the Kinderlach, Uziah Tzadok, Shuki Solomon, Adi Ran, and the FDD Vocals choir all participated in this major show. The show is anticipated to run 3-4 times a day during Chanukah, and there are approximately 1000 people at each showing. Before the show was performed for the public, there was a private, preview/premiere showing to Rabbanim, journalists, and the families of the actors.



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