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Torah Treasure Presents PARSHA TIME!

A fun sing along DVD that makes learning the Parsha a joy for kids and parents alike! When deciding what content to create next, Producer Chaim Hershkowitz knew that it would have to be about the Parshios. “I knew it was time to create something that was new, fresh and upbeat.” With that goal, Chaim’s first choice was Chanaleh Fellig-Harrel; who has written songs for him in the past. He asked her to come up with new songs for each Parsha.

“What she did, was bring every Parsha to life, with 12 original and amazing songs” Each scene brings a colorful array of props, backgrounds and the realistic costumes to give the kids a feeling of what went on in that time. With the vivid images and amazing lyrics in the songs, the children will literally sing their way through each Parsha, essentially covering thousands of years of History- in minutes! “We also got very lucky, with the very talented YBC soloist Nati Broyde singing and starring in this Parsha Time DVD.”

For the first time ever, Parsha Time includes a separate Karaoke Version so that the kids will be able to sing along with their favorite songs! Although it was released a week ago, the feedback has been tremendously positive. One parent commented “Every Friday since it came out, when I ask my children which video they want to watch, they say Parsha Time because they love the songs and video so much.”

Parsha Time can be ordered on Amazon, Nigun music, or at your local Judaica store.

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