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Eli Marcus: Dugma [Album Sampler]


Eli Marcus is back with his third original album DUGMA! Featuring 10 brand-new songs, 1 timeless niggun, and a duet with superstar Benny Friedman, Eli has brought together the very best Jewish Music has to offer.

Produced by the multi-talented Tzvi Blumenfeld, with new compositions from Yitzy Waldner, Hershy Weinberger, Yitzy Berry, Sruly Lipshitz, Nochum Levitan, Marcus himself and arrangements by Tzvi Blumenfeld, Mendy Portnoy, Eli Klein, Yitzy Berry, Naor Carmi and more.

DUGMA is a shining example of what Jewish music is all about.

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Produced by Tzvi Blumenfeld
Executive Producer: Ilan Schnitzer
Mastering: Aran Lavi
Distribution: Mostly Music
Design & Marketing: I & Me Media