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Celebrating the Legacy of the Lubavitcher Rebbe with the Release of “Spread Light”


July 8, 2024 — Bringing together two internationally acclaimed artists in honor of Gimmel Tamuz, the yahrzeit of the revered Lubavitcher Rebbe, ZY”A, TYH Nation is  proud to announce the release of the soul-stirring song, “Spread Light.”  Featuring Alex Clare, who’s music has touched audiences across the world, and Matisyahu, who’s music has always channeled the deepest of Jewish messages, this song pays tribute to the enduring legacy and teachings of the Rebbe, whose visionary approach continues to inspire and guide generations.

The Rebbe’s words resonate through the annals of history, embodying the culmination of millennia of Jewish tradition. His revolutionary mission of illuminating even the darkest corners of the world with the light of Torah and mitzvot has left an indelible mark on the hearts of countless individuals. He instilled within each of us a profound sense of purpose, empowering us to recognize our vital role in the grand narrative of history.

Spread Light” captures the essence of the Rebbe’s dual mission: to spread light, love, and awareness of Hashem both externally, to the world, and internally, within the deepest recesses of our own hearts. The song echoes the Rebbe’s call to action, urging us to bring the promise of Moshiach to every corner of the globe.

Since the Rebbe’s passing 30 years ago, the actualization of his mission has seen exponential growth, as countless individuals and communities have embraced and spread his teachings, bringing light and hope to every part of the world. The Rebbe was the premier example of spreading light far beyond the directly influenced world of his own chassidim.

This release, composed by the Blumstein Brothers is a call to reignite the flame of the Rebbe’s teachings within us. As we commemorate Gimmel Tamuz, let “Spread Light” serve as a reminder of our collective mission to bring light to the world and hasten the arrival of Moshiach.

Join TYH Nation in celebrating the Rebbe’s legacy and embracing our sacred mission.

Listen to “Spread Light” on YouTube or wherever you get your music, and let its powerful message inspire you to take action and make a difference in the world.

Thank You Hashem

TYH Music / Mendy Portnoy / Farbrengable Studios

Music Credits

Composed by The Blumstein Brothers
Arranged & Produced by Mendy Portnoy
Mixed by Yaron Safer and Mendy Portnoy
Mastered by Yaron Safer

Video Credits

Video Produced by Mendy Portnoy
Director: Carlos Wigle
Production Company SC Events

Single Artwork: Yakov Josephy

For more information, please contact:

Mendy Portnoy

TYH Nation

+1 347-987-1387

[email protected]

About the Lubavitcher Rebbe, ZY”A:

The Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, ZY”A, was a towering figure in Jewish life, known for his profound wisdom, boundless love for every individual, and unwavering dedication to spreading the light of Torah and mitzvot. His teachings and initiatives continue to inspire and guide people around the world.

About Gimmel Tamuz:

Gimmel Tamuz marks the yahrzeit of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, ZY”A. It is a day of reflection, learning, and recommitment to the Rebbe’s mission of bringing goodness and kindness to the world.

About the Song “Spread Light”:

“Spread Light” is a heartfelt tribute to the Rebbe’s teachings, capturing the essence of his message and mission. It is a call to action for all to spread light and hasten the arrival of Moshiach.

About the Artists:

Alex Clare:

Alex Clare is a renowned British singer and songwriter known for his powerful voice and deep, emotive music. With hits like “Too Close” and a style that blends rock, electronic, and soul, Clare has captivated audiences worldwide. His commitment to his Jewish faith and culture is evident in his artistry, making him a perfect collaborator for this meaningful project.


Matisyahu is an American Jewish reggae singer, rapper, and alternative rock musician. Known for his unique fusion of reggae, rock, and hip hop, Matisyahu has gained international acclaim with songs like “King Without a Crown” and “One Day.” His music reflects his spiritual journey and Jewish heritage, aligning seamlessly with the themes of “Spread Light”.