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Ruvi New - V’atoh Tetzaveh

Ruvi New – Bentzi Marcus – V’atoh Tetzaveh – The Faithful Shepherd – For Gimmel Taamuz

After their highly successful collaborative Album – Storm the World (2017) which rose to #7 in the world on the iTunes World Music Charts, Bentzi Marcus and Rabbi Ruvi New have joined forces again to release “V’ato Tetzaveh”- “The Faithful Shepherd”, based on the title of Maamer- Chassidic discourse. The song is being released to coincide with the 30th Anniversary of Gimmel Tammuz -the Rebbe’s Yartzeit.

“Considering the content and messaging of the Maamer and the timeliness of the Rebbe’s personal distribution of it on Purim Koton 5752, (just days before he suffered a stroke on 27 Adar 1), many Chassidim consider the Ma’amer V’ato Tetzaveh, to be the Rebbe’s spiritual will.” explains Rabbi New.

“There are a lot of profound, powerful and prescient ideas in the Maamer, that are impossible to capture in a single song, so I chose to focus on two: 1. How our connection to the Rebbe empowers us to find
our pure inner faith when we’re feeling crushed. 2. Our connection to the Rebbe reveals the essentiality of each individual as expressed through our individuality.”

“Many Chassidim, learn the Ma’amer each year on Gimmel Tammuz and I hope that in some way, this song will encourage people to learn it, be inspired by it, and feel the essential connection we all share with the Rebbe – the faithful shepherd of Klal Yisroel.”

The song is available on: YouTube, iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play
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Lyrics and vocals: Ruvi New
Composed and produced by: Bentzi Marcus
Recorded at Asher Essebag Studios
Video Production: Neucratives
Graphic Design and Marketing: Sruly Meyer