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ר' שלמה טויסיג שטייגען - קאבר

There is “Shteigen” with R’ Shloime Taussig’s New Hit

With the beginning of Shloisha Yimei Hagbala and towards the Yom Tov of Matan Torah, the musician R’ Shloime Taussig invites you to “Shteigen” with a new and exciting hit.

R’ Shloime was exposed to the song at a camp last summer in New York at one of the Yeshivahs where the chasidic composer Rabbi Chaim Gershon Davis serves as the spiritual director. While the guys were singing the song, R’ Shloime heard he liked it and decided to try it live at Kumzitz accompanied by Melava Malka that took place at the same camp and the reactions and energies were accordingly…

The duo Eli Klein and Yitzy Berry are responsible for the arrangement and musical production, when R’ Shloime flew to the Holy Land to record in the duo’s studio, while the choir’s are performed by the “Neshama” Choir.