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Derech Achim – Piaseczna Niggun

This niggun was composed in memory of the holy Piaseczna Rebbe (Rav Kalonymus Kalman Shapira). He was named after his great grandfather, the Maor Vashemesh (Rav Kalonymus Kalman Epstein) who was the Rebbe of Krakow (and hence a hint to the Krakow niggun). The Piaseczna Rebbe inspired thousands of people[…]

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Itzik Dadya - Tziyarti Shemesh

“Tziyarti Shemesh” Itzik Dadya Drops A New Single

Tziyarti Shemesh is the second single from Itzik Dadya‘s upcoming fourth album. Itzik wrote, composed, and arranged himself. Since being released from the army a few months ago, Itzik has turned towards involving himself in his own creative ventures, and has sat in the studio, arranged new material that he[…]

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Olturix - Ilu (feat. Shauli)

New Music: Olturix feat. Shauli – Ilu

Olturix, already making himself a name as as one of the premiere Jewish electronic producers, shows his versatility by collaborating with folk singer/songwriter Shauli Atias. Featuring Shauli’s smooth vocals and beautiful melodies, Ilu is a song that will have you dancing, and playing it over and over. And over. Produced,[…]

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Dovid Pearlman - Baruch Hashem feat. Seth Maza

Baruch Hashem – Dovid Pearlman Single

It’s been proven- Dovid Pearlman‘s all new single “BARUCH HASHEM“, from his upcoming album, will cause spontaneous dancing to anyone who hears it. With an amazing musical composition and arrangement by the incredible Seth Maza, the message is clear, the beat is blasting, and whether you’re listening in school, at[…]

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