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Motty Oyzer - Haderech Eilecha

Motty Oyzer With A Exciting New Single “Haderech Eilecha”

He is a wedding singer, who also composes and writes songs himself, which you have probably heard. Inspired by the difficult period we experienced, Motty Oyzer sat down to write a song of strength and unity for Am Yisrael who are now seeing the light of day. The single talks about the period saturated with trials and tribulations we went through, when inside the great difficulty we had was to be filled with faith and confidence that everything is from above and He keeps.

We must, and also see the ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ and never despair. “We’ve been through very difficult things over the last year and sometimes it seemed like it was beyond our abilities, but a Jew should always remember that Hashem does not put a person it a situation he cannot handle. If we have a certain difficulty we need to know that even if someone fell and got up again, that’s Haderech Eilecha(the way to you), “says Oyzer.