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Aryeh Karlinsky - Baruch Hashem Ani Noshem

Aryeh Karlinsky – Baruch Hashem Ani Noshem

“Baruch Hashem Ani Noshem” – a sentence that became very common during the recent tragic time period, a period which the Jewish people have been thanking Hashem for every breath. Singer and artist Aryeh Karlinsky in a new and energetic pop single, “Baruch Hashem Ani Noshem” composed by Aryeh himself[…]

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Lchaim! Yaakov Shwekey With A New Album

In a world of more singles and fewer albums, Yaakov Shwekey‘s new album is still in the ranks of lovers of Jewish music in the world. Three years after his last album “Musica“, Shwekey presents in a joint production with Yitzy Waldner his 11th album, with 13 new songs that[…]

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ניגון הביטחון - שמיל

Shmil Presents – Nigun Habitachon

After releasing a chassidic album in French, accompanied by a CD of melodies with the great chassidic singers, now the Chabad singer from France Shmil is happy to release to the public the melody of private nigun that was passed from grandson to grandson for several generations and has not[…]

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