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Yaakov Yitzchok Weingarten - Blitzen

Blitzen – Yakov Yitzchok Weingarten

Yakov Yitzchcok, aka ‘YY Weingarten‘, is already known for his beautiful voice, his Neshoma and heart are intertwined when he performs. His voice is fresh, exciting, and very uplifting. Yossi Shick, his producer decided to take a run at it and hook him up with some talented musicians like Sruly[…]

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Square Cover • Tziflootchd • Budka Studios @MusicOnTime

Budka Studios Presents: “Tziflootchd”

Get into the groove, you don’t wanna stay still! This song will hit you on a different level and will make your Purim a whole lot better. Just listen and see how this song will take you to a different universe that you never thought existed In an hilarious episode[…]

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Moti Oyzer - Oyra V'simcha

Moti Oyzer With A Purim Single “Oyra V’simcha”

Special for Purim, singer Moti Oyzer entered the studio together with the arranger Moti K and prepared a song for you that will put you in the Purim atmosphere. “Oyra V’simcha” is taken from the Viznitz melody that conquers the world of weddings and played the Siyumei HaShas, Simchas Torah[…]

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_Yearning Niggun (Shabbas and Yom Tov) - Zalmy Schreiber Sqaure.3

Zalmy Schreiber – Yearning Niggun (Shabbos and Yom Tov)

Singer and pianist Zalmy Schreiber has produced a vibrant and soothing rendition of the Niggun Gagguim (Yearning) L’Shabbos V’Yom Tov. The Niggun is sung in many Shuls around the world after Yedid Nefesh on Friday evenings. ⁣ ⁣ As described in Chabad’s Sefer HaNiggunim, the Niggun has three distinct parts,[…]

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