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Yeedle - Motzi Asirim

Yeedle Returns With A New Hit Song “Motzi Asirim”

In the midst of uncertainty, a melody reemerges. Yeedle, a voice for the hopeful, releases a captivating rendition, the first single off his upcoming album, just in time for Pesach, a time etched in the memory of escaping a crushing captivity. Yeedle‘s signature style, blending fresh musical innovation with timeless[…]

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Shaya Lexier With A New Single “Echad Mi Yodea”

Enemies surround us on all sides, war rages on our borders, but that’s nothing new for the Jewish Nation. We’ve seen it all. From the mighty Pharaohs of Egypt, up until modern times the Jewish people have endured unimaginable trials and tribulations. Exiles and holocausts, yet here we stand. The[…]

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