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3/40 Hareni (Behold I Am) – Shlomo Katz

A number of years ago, our Chabura in Efrat, the Bnei Machshava Tova Chabura, spent the summer learning the teachings of Reb Ya’akov Meir Shechter on Ahavat Yisrael. One of the pieces we learned was a whole essay on the custom of the Arizal to not begin davening without saying[…]

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Ethan Katz - V'Chol Mi

Ethan Katz – V’Chol Mi

When deciding which of my niggunim to release as a single to introduce my upcoming EP, “Shabbos Melodies,” the words of this niggun spoke loudest to me. “V’chol mi she’oskim b’tzarchei tzibbur be’emunah, HaKadosh Boruch Hu y’shaleim s’charam, v’yasir meheim kol machalah.” Those individuals that partake in the needs of[…]

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Shlomo Katz - Todah

Shlomo Katz – Todah

Words are usually quite limiting, but in some cases, one simple word contains within them a whole world. “Toda – Thank You” As I approached my fortieth birthday, my deep appreciation for such a blessed and meaningful life led me to celebrate this monumental moment in life with a real[…]

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