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Daniel Altshuler - Esa Einai Cover Final

Daniel Altshuler – Esa Einai (Debut Single)

At various times in a person’s life they may feel hopeless, not knowing or seeing any possible solution to whatever dire issue or grim situation they might be facing. This feeling of despair is  ( ”?From where will my salvation come“ – ” ֵמאין יבא עזרי“, strikingly captured in the[…]

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Image 11-11-20 at 8.35 AM

Ben Klein – Lecha (Official Video)

The story behind the song: Lately I have been listening to music from my youth and came across an old album that I used to love to listen to as a kid. It is called Neck and Neck which is a collaborative album by American guitarist legend Chet Atkins and[…]

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