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Moshav Band -Adam

TYH Nation Presents: Adam – Moshav

Adam Eitz Hasadeh, The rebirth of trees is really a mashal for the rebirth of each individual person. Like a tree while still fully immersed in the cold season, we can sense the sliver of light, the beckoning call of our Pintele Yid assuring us of a brighter future. Rebbe[…]

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KudshaBrichu - Shlepping Nachas

KudshaBrichu – Shlepping Nachas – Song By Dov Shurin

Song by: Dov Shurin Performed by: Shlepping Nachas Song recorded & produced at: Eli Klein & Yitzy Berry Cinematography: Shmuel Unger Special thanks to Miriam Kohn Souza, Yaakov Babani and crew Directed and edited : Shlepping Nachas Filmed in the Arava desert Guitar: Nachman Helbitz Bass: Nachman Helbitz, Mitch Friedman[…]

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Assaf Harush - Gibor

Assaf Harush – Gibor

If you listen to mainstream music, attach to that the importance to texts that helps connect to one’s spirit, then most likely Assaf has long since been established in your playlist. Step by step for me the indie, he crossed the million mark with “Basof Yihiyeh Tov“, was crowned For[…]

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