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Shetrachem Al Bni – Donny Schiff

Let me present to you the newest stirring rendition ‘שתרחם על בני’ by ‘Donny Schiff’! “Shetrachem” is a very powerful and heartwarming song released by Donny Schiff, a masterful composition of Yitzy Waldner. The lyrics of the song are inspired by a true story of a Mother who approached the[…]

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Hershy Rottenberg – Varemkeit (Mein Lidel Melody #2)

And we’re happy to be back with the latest addition to the series called ‘MeinLidel‘. A collection of heartwarming, brief yet impactful melodies that were inspired by Hershy‘s travels around the world and the stories he heard from fellow Yidden. As a performer, Hershy collaborated with his colleague and music[…]

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