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Chaim Brown - Kol Tachninei

Chaim Brown – Single: “Kol Tachninei”

Where do I start? On such an amazing song, full of soul, heart stirring, there’s not to much to add, but the people behind its production! This beautiful medley ‘Kol Tachninei‘ is being released in light of so much heart tearing tragedies Klal Yisroel had gone through the past few[…]

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Nissim Saal - Breeze of Hope

Nissim Saal – Debut Single: “Breeze Of Hope”

When Nissim Saal sings, it heralds a shift in the mood to accommodate for the experiencing of a myriad of feelings and emotions. His ability to expose his vulnerability through his unique and very talented voice that has a wide dynamic note range distinguishes him as a versatile singer-songwriter even[…]

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Zalman Pollack - Shuvi

SHUVI – Zalman Pollack

The relationship we have with Hashem is a remarkable one. Throughout our history the nations of the world have always tried to entice the Yidden to follow them, they call out to the Jews ‘Shuvi, Shuvi’ turn toward us and away from Hashem. To which we answer ‘Ma Techezu’ what[…]

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Avi Ilson - Ten Li Ohr

Avi Ilson – Ten Li Ohr [Official Music Video]

Avi Ilson is well-known for his beautiful singles that are always accompanied by highly impressive music videos featuring international scenes. His new song, Ten Li Ohr, is no exception. Elchanan Elchadad wrote and composed the song, which was produced by Eli Klein and Yitzy Berry. “Ten Li Ohr” an up-to-date[…]

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Mikey Mocton - Im Eshkachech

Mikey Mocton – Im Eshkachech

Mikey Mocton, producer and singer, has come out with a brand-new single “Im Eshkachech.” This single takes Jewish electronic music to the next level as a beautiful and meaningful song. Mikey is working on his own music but is also in the middle of working with a lot of other[…]

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Yitzy Kaplowitz - Ein Od Milvado

Yitzy Kaplowitz – Ein Od Milvado

Ein Od Milvado is the second single to be released from singer/songwriter/guitarist Yitzy Kaplowitz’s upcoming debut album Hayom. The song was inspired while learning an interesting maamar from the Nesivos Shalom ZY”A. It’s easy to recognize the divine providence, the Yad Hashem in supernatural miracles such as the Krias Yam[…]

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