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Itchik Schwartz & Binyamin Talker - Eilecha

Eilecha – Itchik Schwartz & Binyamin Talker

It is a well know Minhag (custom) which the Alter Rebbe received from his Rebbe, the Maggid of Mezritch, which was passed on from his Rebbe, the Ba’al Shem Tov to recite the chapter of Tehillim corresponding to one’s age after the Shachris prayer. On one’s birthday, one begins reciting[…]

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Dani Kunstler - In Jerusalem

Dani Kunstler – In Jerusalem

“In Jerusalem” was composed over 30 years ago by Avi Kunstler, and released on his second album, In This Place of Mercy. With Aryeh Kunstler on the guitars & Dani Kunstler singing, this song and video expresses the beauty of Jerusalem, as we hope and dream for the day we[…]

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