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Yehuda Green Returns With A New Album “Amar Abayeh”

The New Album from Yehuda Green titled “Amar Abayeh” is already making waves throughout the world. We’re returned to our roots with hartzige nigunim sung in classic Yehuda style. It seems like only yesterday that Yehuda released his fifth studio album “Neshamale” with hits like “Mashiach” and “V’enhapoch Hu” among[…]

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Brand New Album From Moshe Tischler

Get ready to embark on an unforgettable musical journey as Moshe Tischler unveils his latest masterpiece, “Replay“, a meticulously curated album that promises a captivating musical experience for fans worldwide. “Replay” is a treasure trove for lovers of Jewish music, encompassing over 40 beloved classics and recent hits. Moshe re[…]

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Moshe Avigdor Presents His Debut Album: A’ira Shachar

American singer and songwriter, Moshe Avigdor, is proud to present his debut album “A’ira Shachar”. He has been working towards this milestone with acclaimed producers such as Aryeh Kunstler of Roar Recording, Doni Gross, and Tzvi Blumenfeld. Growing up outside of the big city areas has enabled Moshe to think[…]

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