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The Spirit of The High Holidays: Brand New from Eli Marcus! (Album & Video)

Get ready for the Yamim Noraim with Tefilos from the Soul! The Spirit of The High Holidays Brand new EP & Video streaming everywhere: Directed by: DW Productions Piano: Pinny Ostreicher Video by: Rivkin Media Design & Marketing: I & Me Media Follow Eli Marcus on Instagram: Copyright[…]

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Eli Marcus: Dugma [Album Sampler]

WHAT’S A DUGMA? Eli Marcus is back with his third original album DUGMA! Featuring 10 brand-new songs, 1 timeless niggun, and a duet with superstar Benny Friedman, Eli has brought together the very best Jewish Music has to offer. Produced by the multi-talented Tzvi Blumenfeld, with new compositions from Yitzy[…]

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Koach Hayisraeli Cover

TYH Nation Presents: Koach Hayisraeli – Sruly Green

TYH Nation Presents Koach Hayisraeli Sruly Green Dear Friends, To understand the depth of this album, is to understand what life is essentially all about. Our first album produced with the talented Sruly Green, who brings such an energetic vibe to everything he does, will spread simcha to any[…]

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Shim Craimer With An All New Album

Shim Craimer, international singer and producer, is releasing a new album that has been waiting to be released for close to 20 years already, called Craimer 2.0 – Vaani Tefillosi. The album was initially released in the USA, and has already garnered tremendous interest.

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