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הללויה יוסף קרדונר ור חיים לוק 2

“Halleluyah” Yosef Karduner & Rabbi Chaim Louk

The veteran and famous singer, Yosef Karduner, is one of the founders and pioneers of original Jewish music which is outside the mainstream chassidic “yiddish” world of music. Karduner has contributed greatly to the expansion of the musical repertoire which has opened the door to a new and more diverse[…]

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Avraham Zeibald - Kuli Kulo

Avraham Zeibald – Kuli Kulo

The chazan and educator Avraham Zeibald has worked as a Chazan for over a decade. Recently he has performed at Siyumei Hashas events. He has only now for the first time started recording though for his debut album of Chazzanus and Grammen. R’ Menachem Bristofsky was responsible for producing and[…]

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New Single From Noam Michael “Sim Shalom”

Veteran IDF choir member Noam Michael will soon be releasing his debut solo album, but at the moment, he is releasing a single titled “Sim Shalom“. So far he has released three singles. His style combines current Israeli sounding music with more classic Judeo-Israeli music. Lately he’s been performing all[…]

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