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Assaf Harush - Lichyot Od Paam

Assaf Harush With A New Single/Video “Lichyot Od Paam”

With a unique voice color and deep writing that always has a significant message in it, singer and composer Assaf Harush managed to gather thousands of followers on social media, lots of plays on the various stations and most importantly, lots of love.
So after his song “Basof Yihiyeh Tov” passed half a million views in a few months, Assaf releases a new song for us.

Assaf on the song
During the Corona period it was difficult for everyone, physically, spiritually.
I felt the best thing to do was to put out a song with a pink horizon.
But lately we have been through a war, public and private disasters that shook the earth beneath us and an insight intensified in me.
I do not know how long I will be here, but I want to make the most of every moment.
I want to know that every day, I made every effort possible not to be wasted, to really live … one more time.