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Shuli Rand With A New Single & Video “Oker Harim”

Singer and composer Shuli Rand is releasing a new single clip called ‘Oker Harim‘ which deals with the essence of man in the world. The song was written by Shuli following a special melody written by the musician Emil Kreuter which he turned into a chorus in the song. The musical arrangement was done by Assaf Talmudi and the production by David Fadida, Shuli’s personal manager and producer.

“About two years ago, Asaf Talmudi played me a few beautiful melodies by a musician named Amil Kroiter”, says Shuli Rand. Among all the melodies, one melody really stood out for me, which pierced my heart and established its seat there. I tried to write a text for it, I even tried to include it in my show Tashlich but the melody found strange and polite ways to refuse me.

Lyrics: Shuli Rand
Composition: Shuli Rand and Amir Kroiter
Musical Arrangement: Asaf Talmudi
Production: David Fadida