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Avi Zelinger - Mi Yidmeh

Avi Zelinger With A New Single “Mi Yidmeh”

Mi Yidmeh was written to inspire connection to Hashem. When we understand that Hashem is incomparable to anything, then we will struggle to express our honest gratitude. Song name: Mi Yidmeh Artist: Avi Zelinger Composer: Avi Zelinger Producer: Yisrael Ament Harmony’s: Avi Zelinger

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Micha Gamerman In A New Song “B’ad Hanitzchi”

Brazilian singer Micha Gamerman releases a rhythmic electronic single ‘B’ad Hanitzchi‘ which talks about the dilemmas that go through a person during his life, whether to choose the momentary or the eternal good. Gamerman, gives an opportunity to young and promising musicians Avi Soli (lyrics and melody, who was also[…]

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עטיפה אתה תשיר

Nerya Angel – Ata Tashir

DJ Nerya Angel is releasing a renewed version of the song Ata Tashir. In his classic style, Nerya is taking the excellent song from Itzik Weingarten and performing it in an exciting and upbeat way for weddings and any Simcha.

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