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Duvid'l - Mah Ahavti

Duvid’l – Mah Ahavti (Official Audio)

Duvid’l is no stranger to the Jewish music industry. For the past few years Duvid’l has been a regular on the live music simcha scene all across the world. Mah Ahavti is the NEW DEBUT SINGLE from his forthcoming album of original material. You’re sure to be inspired when you[…]

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Yoni Shlomo - Gezunt

Yoni Shlomo – Gezunt

In honor of Rosh Chodesh Kislev, in which the Rebbe went out to the chasidim, French singer Yoni Shlomo releases a quality musical performance and is invested in playing the devotee known as “Der Rebbe Zoil Gezunt Zein” expressing a burst of love of the chasidim to the Rebbe. The[…]

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Udi Damari - Adayin Yeled

Udi Damari – Adayin Yeled

Udi Damari is releasing his seventh single, called Adayin Yeled. The song was originally written and recorded by artist Shlomi Shabbat 7 years ago, but for whatever reason it was never released. Now Udi is releasing it on his own, together with some tastes of Shlomi in the melody.  […]

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The Kinderlach - Barcheni

Special Bar Mitzvah Song “Barcheni” By The Kinderlach

The children’s group Kinderlach just released a new single dedicated to Bar Mitzvah Boys titled “Barcheni.”  The song was written, composed and produced by one of the groups alumni, singer and song writer Yonatan Shainfeld who is now returning to the big stage. “Barcheni” is dedicated to Bar Mitzvah boys[…]

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Shirel Sofer - Eini Yachol Levadi

Shirel Sofer – Eini Yachol Levadi

Three months have pass since singer Shirel Sofer released his debut single Hatchalot Chadashot, and is already releasing his second, called Eini Yachol Levadi. He composed and wrote the song himself, which was arranged and produced by Yehonatan Avidani.  

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YOUTUBE BANNER Ein Anachni Maspikim

Yossi Green – Ein Anachni Maspikim

There are moments in life when a person feels clearly and without doubt that the רבש”ע bestowed incredible טוב on him! And then one thinks in his heart “Thank you, רבש”ע, thank you!”. But then there are those times when the person realizes suddenly, “Wowowowow! The רבש”ע is constantly and[…]

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