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Alon Omeidi - Madlik Et Ha'or

Alon Omeidi – Madlik Et H’or

Alon Omeidi is a musician, singer and artist. Before becoming religious he was part of the Mizrach Tichon Army choir. As part of the choir he would perform throughout Israel and even beyond, and would sing and play ethnic percussion instruments. Madlik Et Ha’or is the first taste of his[…]

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Michoel Pruzansky - Chozer Elecha

Michoel Pruzansky – Chozer Elecha [Lyric Video]

I’m proud to present this beautiful song, my cover of the widely popular Israeli hit ‘Chozeret Elicha’. Upon hearing this song, its lyrics and message for the first time, I immediately knew I needed to record this song. I teamed up with producer extraordinaire Avi Newmark and the man behind[…]

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Motty Ilowitz - A Shtikele Tosfos

A Shtikele Tosfos – Motty Ilowitz

A brand-new lyrical composition, written and composed by Motty Ilowitz. Motty wrote this song for his grandmother who is suffering from Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, known as ALS. The cause of this terrible disease is unknown and, unfortunately, this condition can not be cured. This disease is a mystery. Why it[…]

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Yoely Weiss - Man Gantze Hartz

Yoely Weiss New Single – Man Gantze Hartz

Another beautiful song composed and performed by YOELY WEISS yet again with a lot of heart and soul. Yoely is very well known in the Jewish (especially in the Chasidish) community as a singer songwriter and especially as the famous “Kumzitser” for many years. MGI Brokerage, presents: “מיין גאנצע הארץ”[…]

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