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ELOKAI OZ (2) (Large)

Yaakov Shwekey – ELOKAI OZ

BH ELOKAI OZ is the holiest and beautiful song I’ve ever heard. Rabbi Elyakim from the time of the Harishonim composed the song and the great Ari-z”al also was known to have sung this tune. This holy song continues to be sung In our time by the great Kabbalist Rabbi[…]

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Sruli & Netanel - Chanukah Pop Medley

Sruli & Netanel Light Up Your Chag!

Chanukah is already pounding on the door, juicy, hot donuts are piling up in the bakeries, the wicks are almost to be rolled  and the oil pouring out like water. But there is no real Chanukah holiday, without the loved and sweet childhood songs. All this nostalgia, the Jewish pop[…]

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Yaakov Klein - Journey

Yaakov Klein – “Journey” [Official Lyric Video]

Singer/songwriter Yaakov Klein has released a brand new single, entitled “Journey“! This unique track features deep and beautiful lyrics set to a masterful string arrangement by the world-renowned Mendy Portnoy of the Portnoy Brothers. Do you ever feel all alone? Do you know what it feels like to stand on the edge,[…]

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New Single! Zevi Kaufman “Ki Tov HaShem”

In anticipation of Chanukah, in which we celebrate the light and blessing in our lives, singer/composer, Zevi Kaufman, just released a new single “Ki Tov HaShem”. There is no doubt that the melody of Mordechai Brezel, arranged by the duo Eli Klein and Yitzy Berry, with Zevi’s gorgeous vocal performance[…]

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Ovadia Chamama - Baal Hachalomot

Ovadia Chamama – Hamidrashir – Baal Hachalomot

Singer Ovadia Chamama is releasing his first single from the project “Hamidrashir” called Baal Hachalomot, from Parshas Vayeishev, which we read yesterday. The project is influenced by Midrashim on the various parshiyos Hashavua, from which Chamama wrote and composed various ideas and topics into songs, which he has been recording[…]

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