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שר 1920(1)

Mati Shriki – Shar L’Elokim

This song was written during his time in the Reserves. The song was born and created during and for these days. The understanding is that in the end, we are all G-d’s children and only He is the answer to all our questions. For a while we had a feeling[…]

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Baruch Levine: Kumzitz Alive!

Kumzitz Alive was recorded in Lakewood NJ on the first night of Chanuka 5784. It is an authentic mic’d up live Kumzitz experience featuring the classic compositions of Baruch Levine. Songs Composed by: Baruch Levine Produced & Arranged by: Doni Gross Video Credits: Produced and Directed by: Gavi Stark Sound[…]

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Fill The World Cover (1920 x 1080 px) (1)

Fill The World – Levi Yitzchok Cohen

Levi Yitzchok Cohen releases a brand new energized song he recently composed to very powerful lyrics the Meshivas Nufesh writes in his sefer. Levi quotes: “It’s all about renewal, tzaddikim would renew themselves hundreds of times a day, remembering that no matter who you are, hashem is always so close.[…]

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