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ופרוס עלינו - מרדכי קליין

Mordechai Klein – Ifrois Uleinu (Carlebach)

Mordechai Klein, a well known Carlebach-style Baal tefillah, is thrilled to release his rendition of “Ifrois Uleinu” based on the timeless compositions of Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach. The song is a heartfelt tribute to Carlebach‘s legacy, with Mordechai infusing his own style and interpretation to the classic melodies. As the piece[…]

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מעומקא דליבא - יוסף נטיב רבות בחשבות - קאבר

Me’Umka D’Liba Project – Rabbot Machshavot

Reuven Edri’s project called Me’Umka D’Liba made waves when he released its debut single called Rak Ani V’Atah. He is now releasing his second single called Rabbot Machshavot, performed by Yosef Netiv. The lyrics were written by Anat Shemesh, which were then composed and produced by Netiv himself. The project[…]

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