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Gad Elbaz - Yoter Chazak

Gad Elbaz – Yoter Chazak (Lyrics Video)

Gad Elbaz, one of the greatest Jewish music Singers, released a new heartfelt single – “Yoter Chazak” Elbaz has been performing continuously in the past twenty years, singing his inspirational songs in Israel and around the world. Since then Elbaz has released dozens of singles that amount to millions of[…]

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Kobi Brummer - Netiot

Kobi Brummer With A New Single “Netiot”

Only a few days before Tu Bishvat and singer Kobi Brummer is releasing a new single called Netiot, which uses the famous words of Ilan Ilan. Kobi composed the song himself, which was arranged by Ahreleh Nachshoni, and produced by David Fadida. Kobi is releasing this single specifically now in[…]

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Yaakov Markowitz With A New Single “Mimkomcha”

Catch this new riveting cover by Yaakov Markowitz as this timeless tune is meshed with the holy words of Mimkomcha for the first time on record!   CREDITS Produced by Hillel Kapnick Recorded at UpTop Studios Mixing and Arrangements by Hillel Kapnick Backing vocals by Yaakov Markowitz and Hillel Kapnick[…]

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Aryeh Kunstler Feat. Yosef Karduner – KELI

Aryeh Kunstler and Yosef Karduner come together to blend Hebrew, English, and some Tehilim to give you “Keli,” a new single. Listen on Spotify: Listen on Apple Music: Credits: Hebrew Lyrics: Aryeh Kunstler and Leora Kunstler Edited by: Yosef Karduner English Lyrics: Aryeh Kunstler Chorus Lyrics: Tehilim 22 Produced[…]

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