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Dudi Frishman - V’hi Lo Poh

Dudi Frishman – V’hi Lo Poh

Dudi Frishman is 30 years old and lives in Beit Shemesh. He grew up in a Dati Leumi family in the Golan Heights, and is now a Breslov Chassid. Dudi is is involved in Chinuch and music, and the connection between Torah and everything. In the past year he started[…]

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Zusha - Reb Shayala

ZUSHA – Reb Shayaleh

We’re overjoyed to share with you our latest track: “Reb Shayaleh”! Reb Shayale was known as a miracle worker who would greet everyone with unparalleled warmth. He was the kind of tzaddik who was more concerned with feeding his guests than delivering complex sermons. His simplicity and sensitivity is something[…]

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Levi Niasoff - I'm Near You

I’m Near You – Levi Niasoff (Lyric Video)

This emotionally charged song, was composed by Nissa Niasoff (Sydney Australia). It depicts a bride standing at her Chuppah (wedding) thinking about her relatives and loved ones that are no longer here with her. Yet at the same time, she knows that they guide her, they pray for her, and[…]

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Meilech Singer - Ich Dank Dir Hashem

Meilech Singer – Ich Dank Dir Hashem #ThankYouHashem

Dovid Hamelech (King David) says in Tehilim, הודו לה’ כי טוב כי לעולם חסדו Praise Hashem (God) because He is good and His kindness is forever. We are obligated to spread Hashem’s (God’s) name and tell the world about His miracles every day. Whenever you want to connect to Hashem,[…]

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Naftali Blumenthal - All In


Singer and songwriter Naftali Blumthal is back with a all new single. This time, however he didn’t not write/compose the song but is rather singing someone else’s song. The song All In, speaks for itself with Deep lyrics and a message about faith. Someone casually reached out to Naftali in[…]

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