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JOURNEYS – Volume Five [Album Preview]

Here’s the audio sampler for Journeys Volume Five from Abie Rotenberg, featuring guest artists Avraham Fried, Shulem Lemmer, Mordechai Shapiro, Benny Friedman, Shloime Gertner, Baruch Levine, Shlomo Simcha, Joey Newcomb, Lev Tahor, 8th Day, Gershon Veroba, The Maccabeats, Tali Yess and more. Produced by Abie Rotenberg and Doni Gross. Join[…]

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Shmueli Ungar – Back Stage [Album Audio Preview]

This album features my favorite wedding songs from the past 3 years, including our Bar Ilai, the music arrangements were done by this new young very talented guy named Shea Kaller leader and arranger of the @sheakallerband. Choirs was done by @david.taub.official who did a phenomenal job. The album is[…]

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Klal Yisrael Cover

New MRM CD – Klal Yisrael

With song and voice full of gratitude, we thank Hashem for giving us the ability to gather and collect beautiful new compositions from Klal Yisrael. The soul of every Yid is unique and a different color and Klal Yisrael together form a beautiful picture. Our goal is to publish and[…]

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Eitan Katz - Teruma

Eitan Katz – Truma [Album Sampler]

Dear friends, It is with an incredible amount of gratitude to Hashem that I announce the release of my 11th album – Truma. The album consists of 11 tracks, my own humble compositions. Each Nigun has its own unique story of how it was composed, arranged, and eventually brought to[…]

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Zusha - Open The Gates

Zusha Releases New Album “Open The Gates”

The phenom known as Zusha, is an American Hasidic folk/soul band from New York. They formed in 2013 with lead singer Shlomo Gaisin and guitarist Zachariah Goldschmiedt. The band, named after Zusha of Hanipol, combines traditional Hasidic niggunim with styles like jazz, folk, and reggae. Zusha is set to release[…]

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Gertner in Jerusalem Trailer

Shloime Gertner in a exclusive symphony live concert, featuring special guests Ari Hill, Naftali Kempeh & Yonatan Razel. Two sweeping hours of emotion, joy, and unforgettable moments, with all the great hits. Accompanied by ‘Hamenagnim‘ Orchestra & ‘Neshama‘ Choir. Musical director: Moishy Roth Production: Shalom Vagshal VMP Available now on[…]

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