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Yoni Z


“Revolutionary.” “Album of the Year.” “Fresh.” “Each Song Layered with Meaning” – headlines we all read growing up seeing the posters in the streets, the magazines and sites about new music albums. Just over ten years ago, at the young age of fifteen, Yoni a Chabad resident of Crown Heights[…]

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Yoni Z

YONI Z – Album Preview

Turn the music up! Yoni Z‘s highly anticipated debut album is just days away and will be available everywhere music is sold. You can hear the 14 track album preview right here! Happy Listening! © 2018 YONIS MUSIC INC.    

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Shimmy Engel – Sheines – Album Audio Preview – שנית

It’s almost here! The long awaited second album from Shimmy Engel The new album, “Sheines” produced by Naftali Schnitzler. Songs composed by: Moshe Laufer, Naftali Schnitzler, Hershy Weinberger, Hershy Rottenberg, Yonah Lipschitz, Rabbi Chaim Davis, R’ Yoel Schwartz. Arrangements by: Naftali Schnitzler, Zisha Schnitzler, Shlome Wechter, Leib Yakov Rigler, Hershi[…]

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Shim Craimer - Forever More (2)

Forever More / Me’Atah V’ad Olam: Shim Craimer

Extended preview of Shim Craimer‘s upcoming album. Featuring the hit song Tzaddik Katamar together with Ben and Eli Craimer. Every song is sure to lift you up, inspire, and move. Album Credits Produced by: Shim Craimer Songs composed by: Shim Craimer Lyrics for Hayom Gadol written by: Elchanan Elchadad Arranged[…]

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NEXT WEEK IN STORES! FOLLOW SHWEKEY@ Facebook- Instagram- YouTube- Website- ____________________________ Produced by YITZY WALDNER & YAAKOV SHWEKEY Arranged by RAFI GRAYDI RAVID KASHTI IAN FREITOR DANIEL KAPLER TAMIR ZUR MOSHE LAUFER AVRUMI BERKO       Mastering: @PlayMasters STUDIOS Album Design: KZ CREATIVE Video Preview:[…]

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