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[AUDIO PREVIEW] Shmueli Ungar: Shulem Aleichem

Presenting Shmueli Ungar’s 4th studio album ‘Shulem Aleichem’ The album features 12 brand new songs composed by Hershy Weinberger, Pinky Weber, Reb Duvid Kaufman, Shimshy Neiman & more. The album is now available wherever Jewish music is sold! Album Concept/Design by: Sam Schwartz | SamKup

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Daveed Levy Releases His Debut Album: Shirei Daveed

‘Shirei Daveed’ is a compilation of Daveed Levy’s journeys throughout his Life. Featuring 12 Original Songs, with duets from the great Shlomo Simcha and the Holy Shmuel Yaakov Braun. Daveed feels he is only a lucky messenger that was chosen to bring some light and uplift holy souls closer to[…]

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New Album By Yoel Dovid “Mizmor LeDovid”

In each note and melody, we find our journey. Singer Yoel Dovid Goldstein recently rekindled the flame of his passion, and is now gifting the world with a masterpiece. Together with the famous Yitzy Waldner, they spent close to four years meticulously crafting an album that holds the power of[…]

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TYH Nation Presents: COLLECTING SPARKS Chaim Ghoori

TYH Nation Presents COLLECTING SPARKS Chaim Ghoori Devarim Hayotzim Min Halev, these songs come from deep within my heart and represent our collective avodah of התבטלות redeeming sparks. Powered by deep teachings of kabbala and the Tzaddikim, complemented by years of learning at the feet of my rabbeim and mentors,[…]

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The Spirit of The High Holidays: Brand New from Eli Marcus! (Album & Video)

Get ready for the Yamim Noraim with Tefilos from the Soul! The Spirit of The High Holidays Brand new EP & Video streaming everywhere: Directed by: DW Productions Piano: Pinny Ostreicher Video by: Rivkin Media Design & Marketing: I & Me Media Follow Eli Marcus on Instagram: Copyright[…]

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Eli Marcus: Dugma [Album Sampler]

WHAT’S A DUGMA? Eli Marcus is back with his third original album DUGMA! Featuring 10 brand-new songs, 1 timeless niggun, and a duet with superstar Benny Friedman, Eli has brought together the very best Jewish Music has to offer. Produced by the multi-talented Tzvi Blumenfeld, with new compositions from Yitzy[…]

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