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Yechiel Giniger - Nachamu Ami LR

Singer & Songwriter, Yechiel Giniger, Returns With A New Fast-Paced Song: Nachamu Ami

While most singers are releasing slow and almost mournful melodies for the words Nachamu Ami, Yechiel felt otherwise. “I thought that the words called for a fast geshmacke vibe. There is something to dance about,” says Yechiel. “Despite us being in this bitter golus, what helps us get through it all is that we are dancing, despite the golus.” The cover art also depicts the barren Judean desert and the opposite, a flourishing field with luscious grass and of course, dancing depicting the end of the difficult times. This is Yechiel’s second single composed by himself and arranged by his good friend, Shloimi Schinfeld! These two young talents started out jamming together Bein Hasdarim in Yeshivah!

Yechiel hopes you enjoy this amazing production and the crisp, fresh acoustic sound of Nachamu Ami!

Let’s dance this golus away!


Sung & Composed by: Yechiel Giniger

Music Produced & Arranged by: Shloimi Schinfeld

Mixed & Mastered by: Ravid Kashti

Intro/Interlude Melody composed by: Shloimi Schinfeld

Vocals recorded at: Jason Goldglansz & Ratzon Music Studios

Background vocals by: Motty Feldman

Drums: Barak Aharon

Bass: Aryeh Berkowitz

Guitars: Motty Feldman

Piano (synths and pads): Shloimi Schinfeld

Sax- Dor Asaraf

Horns- Danny Flam of New York Brass

Album art by: Michael Mann