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TYH Nation Presents: TYH Hits Upmixed – IMPACT Vol 1

TYH Nation Presents
TYH Hits Upmixed


Vol 1

1: Back of the Wagon (Upmix) Ft. Afikoman, Matisyahu, Alex Clare

2: Yidden (Upmix) Ft. Chaim Ghoori, Mendy Worch

3: Mi LaShem Elai (Upmix) Ft. Zusha

4: Chi Chi WaWa (Upmix) Ft. Mendy Worch

5: Any Day Now (Upmix) Ft. Sruly Green

6: Baderech(Upmix) Ft. Moshe Auslander

7: Happy Clappy (Upmix) Ft. Moshe Storch

8: B’karov Mamesh (Upmix) Ft. Avraham Fried

Get ready for an awesome experience with Thank You Hashem Nation‘s new Upmix album! We’ve taken our most powerful and impactful songs and made them even better.

Forget about passing fads – this music is here to stay, touching your neshama and inspiring positive change. DJ Farbreng‘s fresh energy and unique sound take our classic anthems to a whole new level. Get ready to dance and feel uplifted!

Eight songs – a symbol of Hashem’s limitless power – show how our music connects us to something bigger than ourselves.  This album celebrates the impact our music has on everyone, no matter their age.

So turn it up and let the music take over! It’s going to be an incredible journey that will change you forever.

Brace for IMPACT!