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Brand New Album From Moshe Tischler

Get ready to embark on an unforgettable musical journey as Moshe Tischler unveils his latest masterpiece, “Replay“, a meticulously curated album that promises a captivating musical experience for fans worldwide.

“Replay” is a treasure trove for lovers of Jewish music, encompassing over 40 beloved classics and recent hits. Moshe re imagines these iconic songs with his signature powerful and soulful vocals, sending listeners on a nostalgic trip down memory lane.  Superstar singer Eli Marcus lent his incredible vocals to the “English Medley” segment, adding another layer of talent to the mix.

The album has a first-of-its-kind production style, with each segment arranged by a different renowned producer. Tzvi Blumenfeld, Rafi Greidi, and the duo of Yair and Eyal Shriki brought their unique talents to various tracks, with Producer Nochum Levitan arranging a segment and overseeing album production. This approach led to new and exciting arrangements of the familiar songs we all love. It’ll be like hearing them for the first time all over again!

“Replay” is available everywhere Jewish music can be found.