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Carlebach Kabalas Shabbos – Avrumy Straus & Friends

A Carlebach Kabolas Shabbos with a chassidish taam by Avrumy Straus & Friends – filmed in Israel. (Yes, it’s normal to sing along and then find yourself dancing)

Avrumy Straus had a dream. He felt transformed by experiencing a Chassidish Kabalas Shabbos in the Nusach of R’ Shlomo Carlebach and started leading the davening in his shul. Now, Avrumy wants to share that same experience with the world by presenting the first Chassidish Kabolas Shabbos Nusach Carlebach ever filmed.

The video was filmed at the historic Kehillat Renanim Shul in Yerushalayim. Together with Avrumy and the Neshama Choir, the video includes an ensemble of some of the greatest Israeli Chassidish singers, including Yoeli Davidovitz, Ahrele Scharf, Suchi Goldstein, Shimmy Lifschitz, and Moishe Wales. Each singer has several solos throughout the davening.

Avrumy said “I saw how many yidden were uplifted and inspired by a chassidish Carlebach Kabalas Shabbos that seemed familiar yet fresh and unique at the same time. I hope this video will inspire others as well.”

Guitars and bass: Ziv Shalev
Drums and percussions: Gal Groshovsky
Keys: Yumi Gelb
Clarinet: Avraham Balti
Choirs: Neshama choir
Vocal Production: Master Studios, Volume Studios, יונתן בלוי Studios
Mix: Shloime Vechter
Directed, Edited, and Color Grading: Hershi Segal
Cinematographer: Yosef Shleset
Lighting: Arthur Mertschansko
Production: Dudi Bauer
Playlist arrangement: Yoeli Davidovitz
Cover Art: Zeira
Writeup: Nesanel Gantz

A special thanks to Motti Klein, LA Rosentzweig, Nussy Straus, Lipa Deutsch, Leiby Flohr, Issac Adler, and Lazer Fisher