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YT Thumbnail • Vihi Noam -Cover- • Shmaya Fischer & Nachmen Dreyer @MusicOnTime

Vihi Noam – Shmaya Fischer | Nachmen Dreyer

Viyhi Noam” is a heartwarming song sung every year in Miron, right before the Boyan Hadluke. The song, composed by Harav Aron Brim, touches souls every year on Lag Beomer when performed.

This year, we unfortunately can’t celebrate Lag Beomer with R’ Shimon in Miron, but the kedusha of the Yomtov remains unchanged.

Listen to this rendition that I recorded with my good friend Nachman Dreyer, I hope you enjoy it.


Music arranged by Moshe Yakob | Upbeat Haven

Guitars: Nachmen Dreyer

Mix: V-Gold Production

Video by: Shimmy Socol

Project Management & Marketing: SolBlum Media