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B’zechus Nashim: Amiran Dvir & Arkady Duchin In A New Song – “Ner Latitzpitniyot”

The song of remembrance that was born from a tweet on a social network platform and the surprising connection that followed.
Amiran Dvir and Arkady DuchinNer Latitzpitniyot

Even before the war in the south ends, there are already a few points on which everyone agrees. One of them is heroism of the female soldiers, who were doing their work as lookouts/observers. They saw the enemy strengthening and training. They reported to their superiors , but saw with frustration how the alerts that they passed on were not turning into lifesaving information. In the Simchas Torah disaster, 16 female Israeli Defense Forces observers were murdered, 5 are still in captivity of the enemy of Gaza.
The new song was actually born from a tweet on Twitter. A few weeks ago, journalist, Keren Neubach shared lyrics written by Esther Shamir in memory of the murdered female soldiers.
Amiran Dvir heard these words and it really touched his soul. “I asked Esther if I could try to compose based on those words. I sat at the piano and Baruch HaShem, the melody just flowed!”
Esther loved the melody and the two of them worked to fine tune it. The connection with Arkady Duchin happened even earlier. Amiran asked him to be on another song of his. Amiran says,”When I composed the song about these female soldiers, I thought I would be more connected to this song. Indeed I was.”
Amiran Dvir is a father of 4. Two are married. He is a chareidi composer, creator and singer. Amiran is very involved in the music industry with his band. In his spare time he works to bring hearts together in a series of collaborative ventures.
To date, he has produced 6 albums and many singles that have taken over playlists on the ultra orthodox radio stations.
Not only that. He initiates collaborations with non religious Israeli artists, who sing Jewish texts from the sources with him.
Among the singles he released in the recent years, there are many interesting duets:
“Netzor Lishoncha “ with actor Uri Lizrovitz
“Keili Ata Vi’Odeka” with Shlomi Gronich
And other songs with Arik Sinai, Yirmi Kaplan and David Dor