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אריאל צור - לחיים

Ariel Tzur In An Energetic Wedding Hit: “L’Chaim”

The up-and-coming wedding singer in the USA, Ariel Tzur, releases an energetic and engrossing new hit called “L’Chaim” on the occasion of the months of joy, with the melody and lyrics entrusted to Elchanan Elchadad, and the arrangement and musical production conducted with great talent by Elia Nataneli.

Ariel is a young singer, a rising star in the world of weddings and events in the USA, with a clean and pure voice, full of emotion and soul.

Credits: lyrics and music: Elchanan Elchadad

Arrangement and musical production: Elia Nataneli

Vocal production and recording: Yochi Briskman Studios

Clip lyrics and graphics: Avishi Levy

Public Relations: Mendy Kurnat