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עטיפה לבוש שחורים

Nachman Zonenshein Appears In A New Video/Single “Lavush Shchorim”

About a year ago, the artist, Nachman Zonenshein, released ‘Hamtakot’, which took the world by storm, especially the Chareidi sector. He is now releasing Lavush Shchorim.
This single is inspired by the teachings of Rabbi Nachman of Breslov. In Likutei maharan it says that even when a person in at his lowest point, when he cries out “Ayei”, it is the most powerful. In this clip we see a person who is wearing black clothing, who is in a very deep, dark, and low place. His heart tells him to yell out “Ayei”. He is then hit with a feeling of teshuva, a longing to be closer to HaShem! He leaves all the trouble and pain behind and begins anew. We all have the ability to get close to HaShem. Even if we think we are so far, we can lift ourselves from the ground to do HaShem’s will with all our hearts.