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Eli Seidenfeld Is Back With Another Powerful Cover “Baasi”

Amongst the many beautiful chuppa niggunim that have come out in recent years, Yonatan Shainfeld’s Baasi somehow stands out as unique. I wanted to see what would happen if I raised the key and layered on some harmonies. Here are the results. Enjoy!

Vocals: Eli Seidenfeld
Produced/Arranged : Eli Woznica (Le Matta Studios)
Mix/Master: Dima Graziani
Music lyrics Video: BlinQ Media
Composed by: Yonatan Shainfeld/Eli Klein
Originally Recorded: Yonatan Shainfeld
Album Cover Art: Esti Seidenfeld
Graphic Design: Adina Cahn
Photography: Chaya Kessler

Musical Consultant: Dovid Dachs