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Aviel Graucher With A Exciting Video “Ani Matzdiah Lecha”

Dedi’s last song!

Continuing in his father’s footsteps – Aviel Graucher with a message to the soldiers- watch the clip.

The great composer and singer Aviel Graucher created a clip with a moving message to the IDF soldiers who are risking their lives in the Iron Swords War.

Aviel Graucher is the son of the great chasidish singer Dedi Graucher Z”l who was known and loved in Israel and throughout the world.
After the passing of his father, there was a big emptiness and heaviness in Aviel‘s heart. During their last conversation Dedi Z”l asked Aviel to continue in his ways to sing and do good for Am Yisrael.

This clip was filmed by ביחד ננצח.
The organization who is operating from the very beginning of the war helping Klal Yisrael!
This is the last song Dedi Graucher Z”l composed but he didn’t have the chance to finish it.
A special thank you to David Ben Arza who completed the song.