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The Yeshiva Boy Who Fights Cancer Asks & Prays To Hashem For Forgiveness

The Yeshiva Boy Who Fights Cancer Asks & Prays To Hashem For Forgiveness

Shimon, a 20-year-old Yeshiva talmid hacham, was diagnosed with cancer in the middle of studying the issues of Abayeh and Rava in the yeshiva hall.

Shimon, who decided not to give up, tries to keep his study schedule while being hospitalized in the oncology department. Shimon shares with his friends that he realized that even where he is standing, he has a paved road that he must cross.

Just before another hospitalization, at a celebratory meal at the home of Rachashei Lev’s CEO, Shimi Geshayed, together with the wonderful volunteers of the Rachashei Lev’s organization, Shimon decided to go to the Wailing Wall where are the remnant of our temple, for a silent prayer that erupts the gates of heaven.

After a prayer full of faith and trust in Hashem, Shimon was surprised with filming a music video; singing and praying thankfully, making his dream come true.

With the understanding that there is no bad in the world, to understand the way, and to convey faith to other patients, that this is the only way to get to a better, healthier and happier place.

While filming, Shimon received a phone call from the oncology department that he must quickly return to receive additional chemotherapy treatment. After consultation, Shimon decides not to give up the important message he has, and to continue filming while hospitalize.  The staff of the oncology department at the Sheba Medical Center and the volunteers of Rachashei Lev all hitched to help Shimon’s strong and prayerful desire, upon arriving at the hospital dressed as a king, accompanied by a camera documenting the exciting and powerful journey,

Hashem, hears prayers and will grant complete healing to the sick people of Israel with his mercy, and may he bless us all with a year of redemption and joy that is all thanksgiving.

Credits: Nir Dadon