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MD Schwartz With His Debut Single “Hoshana”

MD Schwartz from Lakewood, NJ has been on the Kumzitz scene both as a musician and a vocalist for a few years now. As a composer & singer-songwriter at heart, MD felt it was time to release one of his many compositions.

Presenting, Hoshana in time for the Yom Tov season.

While the Tefilah of Hoshana is asking HaShem to save us, there is also a concept of “גילו ברעדה”. We are singing a lively tune because we’re excited with the close bond we have with HaShem and that we are able to ask him anything!

Hoshana is an upbeat song that is sure to fill not just your home but even your Succah this season. It truly brings out the Simcha of Succos!

Composed & Performed by: MD schwartz
Produced by: Studio 525
Vocals recorded by: Sideyard studios
Guitars by: Ziv Shalev
Mixed by: V Gold beat production