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Join Meilech Kohn’s New Groundbreaking Album “BEEN A WHILE” Campaign & 2023 Tour!

With the success of his debut album “Yeder Einer,” and the runaway hit “V’ahavta”, Meilech Kohn has become a household name and is today recognized as one of the greatest Artists in the Jewish world. He has been called “the Chassidic Bob Dylan”, and Meilech has been performing across the globe and releasing a constant stream of hit singles.

For the past several years, Meilech has been working with a new band and some of the most talented musicians out there while getting ready to release a new exciting album titled “It’s Been A While” and launch his 2023 “BEEN A WHILE” tour to go with it. This new album is unlike anything you have heard from Meilech to date. It’s a celebration of Jewish culture and music and a tribute to the classic rock of the past. Each song is its own story on life’s many ups and downs. The album is being released by Landed Eagle Records and was produced by Gershy Schwartz & David Nizri.

Click the link below to donate and be a part of the album as well as to hear some tracks from the album.