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YT Thumbnail • Emes • Yidi Bialostozky & Hershy Langsam @MusicOnTime

Yidi Bialostozky & Hershy Langsam With A New Mexican Music Video: “Emes”

On my recent trip to Mexico with mis amigos Hershy & Menachem, we met some interesting people and discovered interesting things. Hop on and join me on my journey.
Emes is an uplifting song I composed a while back and I felt like it has a Mexican feel to it. So I brought it along and performed it on the street with the locals.

Music Credits
Composed & Performed by Yidi Bialostozky
Music Produced by: Yanky Steinmetz @Sonic Duo
Marriachi: Alejandro Berti
Choir: Shmulik Goldstien – Neshuma Choir
Mix and Master: Sonic Duo
Digital Marketing: Motty Klien @MusicOnTime