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Veyikru – Reb Hershel Rosenberg

We are thrilled to present Reb Hershel Rosenberg‘s latest creation “Veyikru“, produced by MK.

This inspiring song was born after Reb Hershel had completed learning a piece of Nesivos Sholom, Shabbos morning Parshas Vayikra, last year.

The Nesivos Sholom explains the powerful words of the Torah, ויקרא אליו ה׳, that Hashem’s love to us is irrespective of our level of connection we have to Him. He is always calling us, and when we heed his call, He brings us closer to Him.

While absorbing what he had just learnt, he found himself singing this song. His heartfelt composition captures the essence of this message, inspiring listeners to recognize the divine presence in their lives and connect to Hashem in an even higher level.

With the expert production of MK, the song comes alive with a powerful and uplifting sound that will stay with you long after the music has ended.

Produced by Moshy Kraus & Zisha Schnitzler
Music arranged by Zisha Schnitzler
Kids choir recorded by Volvi Spitzer
Mix by Zisha Schnitzler
Cover Design: Vigigee
Marketing: SolBlum Media

ויקרא אליו ה׳
טאטע איך הער די רופסט מיר

ביי מיר אין הארצען טיף
הער איך ווי די רופסט
ויקרא אליו ה׳

נעם מיך נאר ארום
איך קער זיך צו דיר אום
ויקרא אליו ה׳