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TYH Nation Presents HAPPY CLAPPY DJ Farbreng – Moshe Storch

It’s simple, really; the more Simcha we bring into our lives leads to more Torah and Mitzvos, which leads to the ultimate purpose, living a life of closeness with Hashem.

This album is all about increasing our Simcha.
DJ Farbreng has mixed and remixed an incredible group of songs, to help us access new levels of happiness and joy.
So if while listening and dancing along, the music leads to an extra smile, a slight chuckle, or a full on laugh, it has unlocked a moment of Simcha for you and it will be serving its elevated purpose in a beautiful way.
Enjoy and Be B’Simcha!

Produced by TYH Nation | Farbrengable Studios

To book DJ Farbreng at your next event, please reach out to [email protected]

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