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Chaim Twito Documented: The Prestigious ‘HASC’ Concert For The 36th Time [Photo Gallery]

Chaim Twito, the official photographer of the nostalgic ‘HASC‘ concert for the eighth year, presents a gallery from the prestigious and old musical concert that took place at NJ PAC in New Jersey and this year for the 36th time.

As every year, the list of artists remained confidential until the moment of the show’s opening, when the legendary host Nachum Segal came on and invited the best Jewish singers one by one. The Miami Boys Choir, conducted by the legendary conductor and choir director Yerachmiel Begun, singer and chazan Shulem Lemmer, Eitan Katz, Itzik Dadya, Yitzy Waldner, the singer and composer Akiva (Turgeman) who became a star in both the Jewish and secular world, and the final performance by the great singer Yaakov Shwekey, in which the artists together performed exciting duets and performances which ended in a spectacular multimedia show combined with the screens and the stage in the hall from the creator of the Visual Live company – Shmulik Ben Harosh and Haim Vaaknin.

The “HASC” concert, is known as one of the most glamorous and prestigious shows in Jewish music, took place this year for the first time at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center, known as one of the largest performing arts centers in the United States, with the participation of thousands of participants from all shades of the population.

The production was led by the Pivot Group under the management of Shlomie Steinmeitz. Mendy Hershkowitz was the arranger and conductor of the special show. Ofir Ben Haim for the stage design and the excellent lighting.


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