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Chabad of the Valley’s Chanukah at Universal Studios CityWALK Draws 1000’s to see Tiktok Sensations Miami Boys Choir

Over 3.6 Million View Video Highlights In The Days Following The Event

Chabad of the Valley’s Chanukah at Universal Studios CityWALK once again lived up to its reputation as amongst the largest Chanukah events in the world. The mega event made its post-covid return to the CityWALK venue and the crowds showed up en-masse. Thousands flocked to the plaza at Universal Studios CityWALK for the annual event which for many has become the highlight of the eight day Chanukah Holiday.

A program of non-stop electrifying entertainment, headlined by the TikTok sensations, Yerachmiel Begun and the Miami Boys Choir and the lighting of a towering 15-foot, 1,000 pound Menorah. A 2008 performance of the Miami Boys Choir’s video “Yerushalayim” has taken the world by storm. The performance has gone viral across social media platforms, racking up millions of viewers from across the globe and garnering a whole new following for the group that has made international headlines.

Chanukah at CityWALK Producer, Jonathan Herzog said “we have had been doing this for many years…. have had incredibly successful events, but nothing comes close to the excitement generated this Chanukah. The energy of the crowd was off the charts”.

Rabbi Mayer Greene, co-producer of the event said “I’ve MC’d this show for 20 years….it doesn’t get any better than this”.

Social media attention following the event has been staggering, with over 3.6 million viewing video highlights in the days following the event.

Chanukah at CityWALK
also showcased live entertainment from other top Jewish music artists including popular Israeli singer Benny Elbaz, The Simons Brothers, DJ EZZI and a surprise guest appearance by Yoni Z with his new hit song for the festival “Happy Chanukah.”

The giant stadium-sized screen was a focal point all evening, showcasing all the live onstage entertainment along with video footage displaying the far reach and impact that the Lubavitcher Rebbe and the Chabad Lubavitch movement has had throughout the world, with Shluchim bringing the positive message and the light of Chanukah to 1000 cities across the globe.

In previous years, the former President at the studios had even proclaimed the event had perhaps earned its place amongst “the largest Chanukah events in the world”.. Chanukah at CityWALK is sponsored by an anonymous donor and many corporate sponsors and is dedicated in the loving memory of Rabbi Joshua B. Gordon ob”m, the founding Shliach of Chabad of the Valley.


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