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YT Thumbnail • Aheim Kein Yerushalayim • Motty Atias @MusicOnTime

Motty Atias With A New Music Video: “Aheim Kein Yerushalayim”

Enjoy this new song and music video which was filmed and composed in the streets of Jerusalem.

The Name Motty Atias is already well known in the Jewish Music industry as a heartfelt and great talented composer.

Motty has released 4 songs, all his own compositions, which has been published and had inspired thousands of people around the world.

At this time Motty is back with his 5th song that will become the next world hit song iy”h.

I’ve always had a special connection to Jerusalem, but I’ve never been able to put my thoughts and feelings about it into words. In the last year, I’ve visited Jerusalem four times. One of the visits lasted over a hundred days. Being there made me realize how much every Jewish soul around the world misses this place and longs to return with all of our Jewish brothers and sisters. I used the words of a Tfila, which we say three times a day to express ourselves. When this new song was written, I prayed to Hashem to help me spread the message because I felt it came from a very deep place in my heart. “Please help me in getting this message out there,” I asked Hashem. My prayers had been answered, and now this gorgeous Song and Music Video is finally available.

This song is being released in honor of the 28th Yartzeit of the holy Rabbi Shlomo Carlbach zt”l, who was always singing and awaking Jewish hearts to yearn and wait to go up to Jerusalem, and he was a true example of a Yid waiting for the Geula to come. Thousands of us were inspired by him; may his Neshama have an Aliah!

Let us all pray together for the final day when we will be reunited with Hashem and all our loved ones who have left the world and will be able to live the real life in our home, Jerusalem!!!!

With heartfelt appreciation, Your friend Motty

Song Credits:
Composed & Sung: Motty Atias
Music Arrangements & Mix: Yanky Cohen
Guitars: Noam Hargol
Strings: Favil Levin
Flutes & Saxophone: Dor Asraf
Drums: Barak Aharon

Vocal Production: Gershy Schwarcz, @Edgeware Studios
Choir arrangements by: Gershy Schwarcz
Choir Recorded by: David Taub Studios