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Avishai Eshel’s Emotional Ballad “Abba’le”

Just before Rosh Hashanah, the acclaimed singer Avishai Eshel releases a quiet and moving ballad composed and written for him by Rami Lev and arranged by Daniel Chein, the same composition that gave birth to the hit ‘Mechila‘ two years ago.

The song ‘Abba’le‘ talks about man’s need to be close to his creator like a son to his father, with a personal and touching rendition by Avishai that is especially appropriate for these days, when the king is in the field and we all seek to be close to him.

Avishi: “The song Abba’le touched me from the first second, I felt that it conveys my feelings in an honest way. We decided to release it now, with the beginning of the new year, in the prayer that we will always be close. Kesiva V’chasima Tova”

Composed & Lyrics by: Rami Lev
Arrangement and musical production: Daniel Chein