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Az Yashir: Songs For Shabbos – Yair Rosenberg [Album Sampler]

For the last seven years, Yair Rosenberg has been composing and singing original melodies for shabbos classics. Today, you can listen to some of those songs for the very first time, with the release of his debut album, Az Yashir. From Yedid Nefesh to D’ror Yikra, the album takes you through the experience of shabbos and offers new, memorable melodies to enhance your shul and seudos. Get it wherever you get your music here.

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Composed and performed by Yair Rosenberg
Produced by Charles Newman at Cottage Sounds
Additional Vocals: Abbaleh Savitt and Arun Viswanath
Cover Art: Shannon Loys
Video Clip: Mati Shriki