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Square Cover • VeSezakeinee • Chaim Mordche Feuerwerker @MusicOnTime

Chaim Mordche Feuerwerker With a New Release: “VeSezakeinee”

The Einayim Organization is already known all over with their work on spreading the word about Shmiras Einayim.

Going worldwide with their activities, Einayim is now releasing a music single, based on the holy Tefila written by the holy Tzadik the Baal Shomrei Amunim ZT”L

Listen, get inspired, and enjoy!

Project By: Einayim Organization
Composed: Yoel Binyumin Weiss
Adult Solo: Chaim Mordche Feuerwarger
Kid Solo: Moishy Friedman
Arranged: Dididum Studios
Adult Choir: Itzik Filmer
Kids Choir: Mordche Berger
Mixed & Mastering: Chaim Moses
Digital Marketing: Motty Klein @MusicOnTime