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Singer & Songwriter “Duvid’l” Releases His Debut Album “Shirei Yedidus”

After years of performing professionally with some of the biggest names in today’s Jewish music circuit, Duvid’l decided to go solo and has quickly become one of the most sought after performers in the NY Jewish music scene and beyond. With a musical style described as soft and sweet,

Duvid’l is now pleased to release his debut album, Shirei Yedidos, with 8 songs all composed by Duvid’l himself. The lyrics come from a mix of Psukim, stories from Shas, as well as original lyrics in both Hebrew and English.

Hakol L’chvodcha (Nakdimon’s Tefilah) הכל לכבודך is the 2nd track on the album and is about doing everything in life for Hashem’s honor.