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Tuito Captures Photos of HASC 34 In The Glamorous New Corona Format

As every year, photographer Chaim Tuito, who became the official photographer of the nostalgic ‘HASC‘ show seven years ago, presents a gallery from the prestigious and long-standing musical concert that takes place every year in New York and this year for the 34th time.

One by one, the singers came up: Beri Weber, DJ Matt Dubb, Joey Newcomb, Baruch Levine, Yaakov Shwekey and Avraham Fried. Accompanied by an extended orchestra of 25 musicians and the vocal ensemble SIX13.

The “HASC” concert, known as one of the most glittering and prestigious shows in Jewish music, was held for the first time this year in a special complex at the American Dream Mall in New Jersey, which was set up especially for the special show, with about 300 HASC VIP guests.

The magical evening was produced by the talented Eli Gerstner of EG Productions, with the shows legendary host Nachum Segal and included others from the Israeli music industry such as Yoeli Dickman and Rafi Grady on writing the arrangements and conducting, lighting and design artist Ronen Najer, video art and multimedia Izik Daniel – Media Pro.

Every year, the HASC Concert salutes artists who created hit song that can withstand that passing of time in chassidic music. This year, HASC saluted composer and music producer Yitzy Bald, with a medley of the best songs he composed for Mordechai Ben David, Yeedle, Shloime Dachs, Mendy Wald, Dovid Gabay, Srully Williger and more. The medley was produced and arranged by Yoeli Dickman and performed by HASC stage newcomers Uri Davidi and Yoni Z, together with their amazingly talented creator Yitzy Bald.


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