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This Year, Bring The Nusach, And The Feeling Of Davening In Shul, Into Your Home!

We are facing a year like no other. Shuls are closed due to the Coronavirus as we are all following the advice of the Gedolei Yisrael to Daven B’yichidus. For the weekday and Shabbos tefilos we can get by as the Nusach Hatefila is familiar enough to us. What about the upcoming Yom Tov of Pesach? How will we taste the “taam” of tefila when we won’t be davening in shul?

The Nusach Hatefilla Project from EMVH was scheduled to launch to fill a specific need in our community. Many people are blessed with a nice voice and would like to daven in front of the amud, but lack understanding of the proper nusach. This project was designed to help change that by providing professional recordings of the Nusach Hatefila and Krias Hatorah laining so that people would be able to stand before the amud or bima with confidence. The project was produced in a state-of-the-art studio, recorded by world-class Chazzanim and mixed/mastered to perfection.

That was all before the onset of the Coronavirus. The Ribono Shel Olam clearly has other Tefila plans for us this Yom Tov. Although we will not be able to daven with a minyan, we can still utilize these recordings for a different purpose: to bring the nusach hatefila, and the geshmak of the nigunim that we are used to hearing in shul, into our homes. Daven out loud with your family, Sing Hallel together and create that special atmosphere in your home l’COVID (19) י״ט.

Download here:

Use promo code FREEMVH19 to download for free!

May this be the last year of tzaros and may we be Zocheh to see the Geulah bimheira biyameinu!!