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MIAMI VIDEO ON DEMAND! Starts this Motzoei Shabbos April 4, (9pm EST)

An exciting announcement! For the first time ever, Yerachmiel Begun & The Miami Boys Choir is now streaming ON DEMAND Worldwide! Now available on are all their full-length concert DVDs digitized for a whole new generation of watchers, and for loyal fans of the classics who wish to rediscover them. Spanning from 1991-2015, these song and dance productions, feature presentations and special guest stars that will delight fans from young and old. There is truly something for everyone in this collection. Whether it’s the original musical play “On the Road to Yerushalayim” from Miami Experience 2 (1992), “Around the World with MBC” from Miami Experience 4 (1994), collaborations with Dedi and Yaakov Shwekey from Miami 25 and 26 (2002/2003) or the new age performing style that began with “Miami Yavo” (2008), these videos will not just entertain but also inspire with timeless music and messages.

To make sure that every family can enjoy this amazing collection, all videos are available for rent of $5.99 and up, or as a 60 day subscription for only $36 which grants streaming access to the whole collection; keeping it affordable during these difficult times. Additional video content will also become available over time. This is a limited time offer so that audiences of all ages can enjoy high energy, uplifting entertainment.

Also stay tuned for upcoming announcements about Chol Hamoed exclusive streaming content.

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